Cleaning Chemicals

TASKI R1 / Diversey R1

Cleaning and Sanitising of Bathroom / Toilet surfaces

TASKI R2 / Diversey R2

All-purpose cleaning agent / Hygienic Hard Surface Cleaner

TASKI R3 / Diversey R3

For Cleaning Glass and Mirror Cleaner

TASKI R4 / Diversey R4

For Furniture Polish and Cleaning / Furniture Maintainer

TASKI R5 / Diversey R5

Air Freshener / Room Freshener / Bathroom Freshener

TASKI R6 / Diversey R6

Toilet bowl/urinal cleaner for the removal of limescale, stains and other residues.

TASKI R7 / Diversey R7

For removal of oil and grease from floor / Non-abrasive cream cleaner for water-resistant hard surfaces

TASKI R8 / Diversey R8

Kettle Descaler - Highly effective acid based descaler for kettles, kitchen equipment, shower heads etc.

TASKI R9 / Diversey R9

Fully formulated cleaner for cleaning all fittings and walls in the bathroom, sink, tub, tiles and fittings.